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Popular questions

How do 3D models help restore cultural heritage?

Scanning architectural objects allow you to create high-quality and accurate copies of their 3D digital twin. Surveying instruments help to capture the monument in detail in space and time. The digital format will enable you to save information about literally every element: its color, size, texture. We convert all this data into a 3D model. This information becomes the basis for the reconstruction or restoration of the monument.

How does the initiative perform scanning during the war?

In our work, we use measuring equipment such as laser scanners, cameras, drones, and other surveying instruments. The scanning process is coordinated with local authorities.

What architectural monuments does the initiative scan?

We have a list of objects to scan. Their value was determined with the participation of conservationists. We are primarily interested in UNESCO heritage sites, and monuments of national and local importance. There is a category we call “almost destroyed”(zahyblyky). These sights are in very poor condition. accordingly, the risks of their irreversible loss are very high.

Can I support crawling a specific heritage site?

So. If you have the resources to scan the object (funds or specialists), we will help you organize the scan.

How much does a scan cost?

The cost of scanning each monument depends on the scope of work and is calculated for each object separately.

What will be spent on the funds raised by the initiative?

All funds raised to support the initiative will be directed to the following areas of work:

  • involvement of equipment to speed up the scanning process. It’s about renting or buying.
  • remuneration of scanning specialists. Specialists among internally displaced persons will be involved in the scan. This will support them and create the conditions for sharing experiences in scanning.
  • creation of servers for information storage, payment of cloud backup.
  • salaries of the administration of the initiative.
  • media coverage: videos about objects, articles, and materials for dissemination of information about the project.

How to support the initiative?

First of all, financial support is needed for the development of the project. But this is not the only way. Dissemination of information and involvement in the initiative are also important. If you have an idea, write to the email.