Skeiron's #SaveUkrainianHeritage project aims to 3D scan cultural monuments throughout Ukraine using laser scanning and photogrammetry technologies, with a focus on preserving Ukraine's cultural heritage from the destructive influence of time and war.

As part of the initiative, the team separate the direction of development featuring 3D models of damaged buildings in the city of Mariupol, including the Drama Theater. These model will help record the condition of the monuments and support restoration efforts in the future. The project seeks to unite the efforts of professionals, conservationists, and enthusiasts to preserve Ukraine's rich cultural heritage.

At the end of September 2022, Oleksiy Generalov contacted us and provided a photos of the Mariupol Drama Theater, which was destroyed due to bombing. After thet we launched a crowdfunding campaign for the photographs and videos to gather as much material as possible to create a 3D model of the theater, the nearest territory and other important buildings. By using photogrammetry technology, we collected thousands of photos and created a 3D model of Mariupol, see the result below.

Since January 2023, we partnered with , a team that specializes in detailed research of the bombing of cultural heritage sites, to work together towards our goal. This partnership is crucial as it allowed us to combine our efforts and expertise to achieve our shared goal of creating an accurate 3D model of the destroyed Mariupol Drama Theater. Thanks to's expertise in researching and analyzing data, as well as their photographs and scans, and our expertise in photogrammetry, we are working to create a comprehensive 3D model that represents the original theater.

This partnership also brought attention to the need for collaboration and teamwork to achieve this goal. By working together, we were able to achieve something that would have been much harder to accomplish alone. This project highlights the importance of cultural heritage preservation and how technology can be utilized to achieve this goal. We hope that our work will inspire others to take similar actions to preserve and protect cultural heritage sites.

Creating a 3D model of a destroyed landmark is a difficult and complex process, but it is also an extremely important task for preserving the cultural heritage of Ukraine. We strive to preserve the history and cultural spirit of our country so that future generations can learn about what the Mariupol Drama Theater was like and the role it played in the life of the city.

As part of our efforts to create the Depth Map 3D Tour of the Mariupol Drama Theater, we utilized spherical photos from Cube online company and Olga Demidko , creator spherical video tour of the theater. This helped us capture a detailed and comprehensive view of the theater's exterior and interior, which we then used to create the 3D model with a depth map.

  • Click here to Check Depth Map 3D Tour of the Mariupol Drama Theater

    Also we created a detailed point cloud of the sculptural group located at the top of the entrance of the theater. Using photogrammetry technology, we were able to capture a high-resolution 3D model of the sculptural group and create a detailed point cloud from it.

    We invite everyone to take a closer look at this incredible piece of art, where you can view the point cloud and explore the sculpture. We hope that this will provide a new and unique way to experience and appreciate this important cultural heritage site in Mariupol.

    We are proud to have completed the Depth Map 3D Tour of the Mariupol Drama Theater, and we're excited to continue our work preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Mariupol. We plan to create similar immersive tours for other historic buildings in the city, allowing people around the world to explore and learn about the rich history and architecture of Mariupol.

    We are committed to continuing our work on the restoration of pre-war Mariupol, and we see opportunities for the project to evolve through the ongoing search for photo and video materials to create 3D models. Additionally, we believe it would be beneficial to develop the project further using game engines such as Unreal Engine.

    We welcome any support for our initiative and hope to continue engaging with our audience to promote cultural preservation and education through the use of innovative technologies.

    If you're interested in supporting our mission, please consider becoming a patron on our Patreon page or making a donation via PayPal. Your support will help us continue our important work in cultural preservation and education. Thank you for your support!

    Our project coordinator is Andriy Hryvnyak, and you can reach him at

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